Transport services for hotels

One of our company’s directions is transport services for the hotel business. We are ready to solve individual tasks and to provide comprehensive transport services to hotels.

We can meet any transport needs of the hotel:

  • Business and private trips for staff and guests of the hotel in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • Transfers to airports and train stations of both capitals;
  • Express delivery of correspondence, documents, gifts, parcels and other small goods at designated locations;
  • Transportation services for weddings, receptions and other private or corporate events held at the hotel;
  • Taking hotel staff to work/home in accordance with their work schedule or as needed;
  • Passenger transportation of guests by minibuses and buses during work, cultural, excursion and other programs organized by the hotel;
  • Transferring a car from one address to the other (“Sober Driver”);
  • Cargo transportation and freight mover work.

We offer special terms for transport support of hotels:

  • Availability on duty for required number of cars at the hotel
  • Allocation of a personal operator at the dispatch service
  • Our operator can work on the hotel’s premises to decrease the reception staff load and coordinate orders of guests and hotel staff
  • Provision of cars without taxi signage
  • Provision of vehicles with hotel signage
  • Ordering cars of any class

To optimize the hotel transport costs, we offer:

  • On conclusion of a contract for collaboration
  • Special prices for travel of staff and visitors
  • No pre-payment
  • rovision of elaborate details for trips and all of the accounting documents

Transport for the hotel

Our fleet includes high-quality and well-maintained foreign cars. All passenger seats are insured. Drivers meet the highest standards of service and are monitored for their observance by the Quality Control service around the clock. There is no radio and traditional taxi signage on the vehicles, which allows creating the feeling of a trip in a personal car.

We invite you to become our partners and assign us to perform the related transport services for your hotel.

To get information on transport services for your hotel, contact us by phone on: +7 (495) 660-21-54 ext. 246

Become a client

To get information on collaboration, concluding contracts and participation in tenders, contact our Corporate Department.


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