Renting a minibus with a driver

Renting a minibus with a driver is an ideal solution, if it is necessary to transport a small group of people around the city or Moscow Region. This service is especially useful for those who travel for long distances. Renting a minibus is required for public events, such as weddings, funerals and banquets.

Advantages of renting a minibus

Renting a minibus has the following advantages:

  • Low cost. Compared to taking taxi, renting this type of transport vehicle saves on the cost of passenger transportation.
  • Right on time. When renting a minibus with a driver, you don’t need to not worry about guests arriving late to the destination. When planning the route of a trip with a driver, we taken into account road conditions, traffic jams, and select the most appropriate way that allows saving time when renting a minibus.
  • Comfortable trip. Minibuses allow placing a small group of people comfortably. Modern air conditioning systems, soft comfortable chairs, high quality audio systems, excellent noise isolation. You can get all of this when renting a minibus for more than a reasonable price.

If you are going to rent a vehicle, do not forget to pay attention to certain specifications when choosing the right vehicle. For example, the cost of renting a transport vehicle with a driver depends on the number of seats. The possibility to adjust the backrest, seat footrests and the presence of interior insulation should be also taken into account. If necessary, drivers of minibuses can help with placement of bags and other cargo.

When renting a minibus

You may need to rent a minibus for the following events:

  • Weddings.
  • Banquets.
  • Corporate parties.
  • Outdoor recreation.
  • Transportation of employees in the city.
  • Transfer.

We deliver the minibus just in time. An experienced driver selects the optimal route to avoid traffic jams in the capital.

Things to remember, when renting a minibus

Renting a minibus with a driver should be planned in advance. For example, if a stop is required, a place for parking a minibus should be provided for while taking into account dimensions of the vehicle.

The rental price in Moscow depends on the duration of bus rental. You can enter into a contract for an hour, shift, week or another period of time. When renting a minibus for a longer period, the final price is reduced. You can conclude a contract for renting a minibus with a driver pretty quickly; this will not take a lot of your time.

You can order a minibus of any class depending on the rental purpose – daily trips around the city, a one-time delivery of passengers to an event, transfer of business partners to the airport, etc. The driver will wait for you when traveling on a route with specified stops (e.g. looking around shops in the city).

A rental minibus in Moscow is a great way to organize your travel in the capital. Each minibus driver in our company is a true professional, who takes into account changes in road conditions during the trip, evaluates them and makes quick decisions to select the best route.

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