Renting a bus

Renting a bus with a driver allows you to arrange comfortable transportation for a large number of people around the city and region to a pre-specified location. It is the most convenient method of transportation for events and celebrations. A bus rental is required when you need a transfer or a trip around the city.

Advantages of renting a bus in Moscow

Bus rental in Moscow has the following features:

  • Transportation of a large number of people. When you need to arrange transportation for guests for a wedding party or company employees to a corporate party in Moscow, taxi services can be quite costly. A spacious bus is a more cost-saving option.
  • Transportation right on time. When renting a bus with a driver, you should not worry about arriving late to your destination. People will arrive right on the scheduled time. The driver chooses the best route based on the traffic situation.
  • Comfortable transportation. Modern imported buses are a fairly comfortable means of transport. Comfortable adjustable chairs, footrests and climate control systems will make even a long trip pleasant without significantly increasing the rental costs.

In addition, the use of buses enables transport in an organized manner for a group of people which is important for some activities. For example, a graduation ceremony, a wedding, a funeral in Moscow. Renting is the best choice for all these events.

Features of renting a bus with a driver

A bus can be rented without an employee who drives the vehicle. However, professional experienced drivers can organize your trip without any unpleasant surprises – traffic jams, road repair and restricted access to a particular street, etc and therefore, renting a bus with a driver is more preferable.

When choosing a bus to rent, consider not only its capacity, but other vehicle specifications. Comfort in the passenger compartment, availability of additional equipment (for example, a DVD-player), TV class (VIP, Economy) – all of these features influence the rental costs. The presence of a driver will increase the price, but you can be sure that no-one is late for a scheduled event regardless of the driving situation.

Things to consider when renting a bus

When renting a bus, it is better to decide on the rental period in advance. It is also possible to extend the rental period during the trip, and in this case the fixed fare will be the same as the one specified originally. It is clear that the price is directly proportional to the rental period.

If any faults occur, a vehicle driver can always eliminate them quickly on the way. If faults are serious, a similar bus will be provided as soon as possible. When choosing rental with a driver please also consider this also.

Renting a bus is also available for corporate clients. This service is useful for small companies that do not have the required funds for purchasing a vehicle for the transportation of personnel. In this case, our company’s driver is not necessary, and a corresponding employee will be hired to be the staff driver.

Choosing a bus rental with a driver, pay attention to the technical conditions of the vehicle. We offer vehicles in excellent condition. Our mechanics perform maintenance checks on buses regularly to eliminate any breakdowns on the way. It is very advantageous to rent a bus with us. Please contact our managers to find out the terms of rendering services.

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