Cash-Free Taxi

Cashless payment is very easy and convenient way to pay taxi and rental car. This is the best way to pay for any company which does not have its own car park, but needs transport service. Corporate contract, if signed, can stipulate the monthly payment in accordance with the agreed rate and only for services rendered.

Advantages of Cashless Payment

  • Your car is delivered always on time, based on a corporate agreement that clearly indicates the time and conditions of delivering a vehicle in Moscow.
  • This is a convenient way to pay. The rates and terms of payment are specified in the Agreement, and you make the payment only after the services rendered. You can always learn, and specify the number of your past trips, destinations and dates if needed.
  • This is a good way to track spending. You don’t have to pay for the rental car, if you can use non-cash payment. Cashless payment for taxi services became widespread in Moscow. Now, you can get the same opportunity by choosing this type of payment, signing a corporate agreement.


Cashless payment allows you to manage and keep the costs of your organization under control. You can always get more information about previous trips to check the mileage, the amount of money and the number of trips.

Such payment is profitable for organization, because the transaction is carried out in accordance with specific and concrete amounts for services rendered. There is no need to have cash at the time of signing and / or extension of the Contract.

The convenience of corporate agreement lies in the fact that you can always find out the delivery time of car ordered, as well as fast substitute of it in case of any force-majeure. Cashless payment is also convenient for those who appreciate the order around. Corporate contract may include a variety of suitable conditions with the necessary details and specifications, as well as any desired payment conditions, expected terms of lease, and so on.