Work with us to provide taxi services using your car

The MARTEX transport company is looking for drivers to provide taxi services using their own cars, who have foreign manufactured cars no older than 5 years old. To provide taxi services using your own car is an excellent opportunity to earn on a regular basis and a wonderful way to achieve financial independence. In addition, providing taxi services using your own car can be a great source of additional income in addition to your core activities.

The driver is the face of our company, so drivers who want to get taxi driver job using their own cars need to meet certain requirements, such as neat appearance, politeness, etc.

Basic requirements for taxi driver candidates

  • Age above 25 years;
  • Driving experience of no less than 3 years (not necessarily as a taxi driver);
  • Car license plate for Moscow and Moscow region.

Work conditions to provide taxi services using your own car

  • Flexible hours;
  • Receiving and handling orders in your own car through the Internet;
  • Permanent employment, full maintenance of orders.

To learn more, contact the MARTEX Human Resources Department by phone on: +7 (499) 702-33-69 phone extension 2951
Call us and start profiting as a taxi driver using your own car!