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The Taxi Martex app is best the way to make your trips in Moscow and St. Petersburg convenient and cost-effective!

Usually employees of the company work in the corporate database. If you need a taxi for a business process, then the simpler the placement, the less time spent by employees. For example, the API can create a taxi order with the simultaneous change of data in the CRM system by pressing one button. IPA allows you to automate the transfer of taxi orders from the corporate system of the customer. TAXI MARTEX allows you to transfer orders using the POST request JSON or SOAP.

JSON has the format:

  • {
  • “Client”: “Petrov Andrew”,
  • “DateTrips”: “2018-06-24”,
  • “TimeTrips”: “19:00”,
  • “Guest”: “Irina”,
  • “Address”: “Sheremetyevo, flight SU2613 from Milan with the table MARTEX”,
  • “Route”: “Sevastopolsky Prospekt 20”,
  • “Phone”: “+79031234567”,
  • “Car”: 4,
  • “Comments”: “luggage”,
  • “BillingTypeIns”: 0,
  • “PhonePass”: “+79037654321”,
  • “ExternalId”: “AA71ERT”,
  • “CostCenter”: “710000”,
  • “BabyCarSeat”: 0
  • }

where “Client”: customer name, “DateTrips”: taxi order date Martex, “TimeTrips”: order time, “Guest”: passenger name, “Address”: vehicle address, “Route”: end address, “Phone”: telephone number of the customer “+79031234567”, “Car”: code of the vehicle type – 1 Bus, 2 Gazelle, 3 Truck, 4 car_business class, 5 comfort_class, 6 courier, 8 minibus, “Comments”: additional comment to the order (optional ), “BillingTypeIns”: payment type code: 0 – company pays, 1 payment by credit card, 2 cash payment, “PhonePass”: passenger’s phone, “ExternalId”: link to entry in necks database (optional), “CostCenter”: the center of your company’s costs (optional), “BabyCarSeat”: a sign of the need for child seat – 0: no, 1: yes.

The SOAP request format is available at The field description corresponds to the JSON request.

To access the API please fill out the form:

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