Taxi Payment by Bank Card

Taxi payment by bank card is a convenient, fast and modern way of settlement. This service is in demand in big cities among those customers who do not like to carry the money in cash, and use bank transfer wherever possible – in shops, restaurants, on the Internet. So what’s wrong in performing a payment via card?

Benefits of Taxi Payment by Bank Card

Payment for taxi by credit card saves the clients from many inconveniences. Among the main advantages of this type of settlement one can distinguish:

  • The payment is exact to the penny. In the conventional method of settlement, a client not always gets the change in full. Taxi payment by the card will get rid of these problems.
  • No need to carry a wallet. Why would you bring cash, for example, if you want to drive to a friend, relative or a business meeting? Choose a taxi in Moscow, card payment in which will help you avoid problems with carrying cash.
  • Convenient settlement method for foreigners in Moscow. If you have just arrived in the capital, have not yet exchanged currency for rubles, then you’ll have no problem with paying in a taxi by your card of VISA / MasterCard international system.
  • Quick settlement. You do not need to look for a required amount in your wallet, jacket pockets or purse. In Moscow, when paying the taxi by card you do not need to count every kilometer of distance traveled, thinking at the same time if there is enough cash and if there is a need to look for the nearest ATM to withdraw money for paying.

Naturally, this is not all the benefits that the client gets by using a bank card. If you do not need to withdraw and carry your cash along, you can always take a taxi. The credit card will allow you to settle in any part of the city – regardless of whether there is an ATM nearby.

Features of Taxi with Card Payment

Payment for taxi by credit card is performed without leaving the car interior. The vehicle provided transports through the city and the region, is equipped with a special terminal. Communication with the bank is performed wireless. This settlement can be performed at any point of the city around the clock – your trip does not depend on the availability of money from an ATM. Therefore, card payment in the taxi is a modern, convenient way of settlement.

Paying for Taxi by Credit Card in Moscow: What You Need to Remember

Bank card enables secure financial transactions. Reliable protection – you should not worry for soundness of money – after the trip the driver will ask you to insert your credit card into the terminal. Please note that nobody will be able to use your money without your PIN-code. However, for additional protection against fraud, the driver can ask to show an identity document. This will protect against unauthorized use of your credit card, if you lose it.

When paying for taxi service by bank or payment card via the internet site or mobile app, payment confirmation is done by sending e-mail or SMS about the order.

Offer for Corporate Clients

Taxi payment by bank card is a very convenient option for corporate clients. Assess your convenience:

  • Payment is recorded, easily controlled – you will always be able to present a check for the cost accounting. When settling by the bank card you can exactly specify the amounts spent on trips for compensation at company’s expense.
  • Credit card can be used when paying on a time-based tariff or taximeter. This is especially convenient when ordering several trips, including a transfer.

Paying for taxi by credit card is more convenient tariffing. In Moscow, the clearing settlement is considered to be the fastest option for those who value their time. Using a credit card will make your stay more comfortable, reasonable. Bank card is a choice of those who want to use only modern methods of settlement in a taxi.