Contract for rendering taxi services

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Contract for rendering transport services: the subject, terms and conditions, rights and obligations of the parties

The contract for transport services can be concluded between the Client, who can be a natural or legal person, and the Contractor, a company that provides taxi services. The purpose of the contract for rendering taxi services is to define the rights and obligations of the Parties, car rental terms, procedure of rendering services and terms of payment for such services.

The Subject of the contract with the taxi

Our company undertakes to render transportation services in accordance with the contract for rendering taxi services, and You agree to meet the procedure and terms specified in the contract, make payments in a timely manner as per the selected fare and method of calculation. The taxi can be driven and served by our employee (rental with a driver), as well as by using the Customer’s resources, and the corresponding provision is included in the contract.

The contract for taxi services can be concluded for various types of services, including:

  • One-time rental of motor vehicles.
  • Transfer.
  • Support.
  • Taxi for trips around the city.
  • Services for Corporate customers.

In addition, the use of buses enables transport in an organized manner for a group of people which is important for some activities. For example, a graduation ceremony, a wedding, a funeral in Moscow. Renting is the best choice for all these events.

Terms of rendering taxi services under the contract

The contract for rendering taxi services defines the requisition procedures and customer service conditions. The time specified in the request is the time when rendering of services to the Customer starts. The taxi can be requested by making an oral request by phone. The time required for the vehicle to arrive at the pick-up location is not charged. The contract for rendering transport services determines the customer service area. We provide services in Moscow and the Moscow region territories.

A request under the contract for rendering taxi services shall be submitted no later than the time specified by us which is required in order to find a suitable vehicle and preparing for the trip. In some cases, urgent delivery of a vehicle can be arranged.

The contract for rendering corporate services is concluded with legal entities for the provision of transport services within the terms specified in the document. Payment is to be made no later than the settlement period specified in the contract.

If the contract has been violated, the Parties shall bear responsibility in accordance with the contract and legislation of the Russian Federation. Conclusion of the contract for rendering corporate services is performed in accordance with a specific procedure which is different from the procedure of signing documents with individuals.

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