Renting a vehicle with a driver

Renting a vehicle with a driver is a popular service in towns and cities. For example, a bus is needed when you want to transfer several people or groups over long distances.

You can rent a bus transport for the following activities:

  • Corporate party;
  • Wedding;
  • Banquet;
  • Outings with relatives or friends;
  • Transportation of a group of employees to another office;
  • Regular trips between offices;
  • Meeting guests at the airport or train station;

>If you order this service, you need to pay attention to its following:

  • The cost of renting transport vehicles depends on the bus capacity.
  • Consider such factors as the maneuverability of the bus, heat insulation of the interior and the possibility to adjust the height of footrests.
  • If you plan to park the vehicle in a hangar, make sure you specify its length.
  • The price for transportation services depends on the duration (an hour, a work day, a week, a month, etc.), therefore check the cost with our managers.

Easy to order, affordable service and a wide choice of different types of buses; all this makes this procedure one of the most cost-saving procedures available in the market today. Renting a vehicle with a driver is now available for a wide range of customers with different financial capabilities.

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Renting a minibus provides you with an alternative form of transport

Renting a minibus with a driver offers significant advantages compared to means of public transportation or a private taxi. First of all, it is an opportunity to choose the most optimal route available rental fee and individual work with the client.

Renting a minibus with MARTEX has the following features:

  • We have considerable experience in this area, so our specialists can organize the service in a professional manner.
  • The procedure for registration of all of the necessary documents for a minibus is quick and easy, so it does not interfere with your planned activities.
  • The wide range of fleet vehicles includes both mid-range and VIP class minibuses with the various number of seats.
  • All our vehicles are in good condition and undergo regular maintenance and servicing.

Rental of minibuses with a driver is a more efficient and profitable way to organize transportation over long distances for a small group of people compared to having similar vehicles in one’s personal fleet.

Renting a vehicle with a driver is very popular among business communities due to its affordability and increased levels of comfort. When ordering this service, it is worth paying attention to factors as the number of passengers, frequency of trips (a one-time trip or scheduled trips) and comfort of a vehicle. Renting transport vehicles is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the market as a whole. The number of people using this service is steadily increasing every year. You can pay the rental using most convenient methods.

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The wide range of our fleet includes vehicles of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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