We are pleased to announce the release of our mobile application for Android-based devices. The app allows you to save time and track the order with the maximum ease. The app can be downloaded from the Home Page of our website. more


We provide organized transportation of children in accordance with requirements of the “Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation” more


The minimum fare for a 20 minute trip around the city of RUB 380, VAT included (Comfort), day and night, is our new unique offer for corporate clients. When using the “20 MINUTES” fare, the cost of transfers depends on the district of Moscow. See the Fares section for more details.



We are pleased to announce that now we perform trips to the Northern Capital. You can order Comfort, Business or VIP class cars, minibuses, buses and courier services in St. Petersburg. Orders are taken by a single dispatch center by telephone on +7 (495) 660-21-55, (495) 778-88-22 or via e-mail